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PVHES High Efficiency Stems

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PVHES Straight with Tube


PVHES   P lanet V ape H igh E fficiency S tems   Take your Arizer Air or Solo to the Next Level with these custom Glass Stems utilizing our Micro Channel Technology to improve airflow by 30 % while still maintaining thick, dense vapor clouds.  Extract more...

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PVHES   PlanetVape High Efficiency StemsPVHES Authorized Distributor Warranty Approved


Take your Arizer Air or Solo to the Next Level with these custom Glass Stems utilizing our Micro Channel Technology to improve airflow by 30% while still maintaining thick, dense vapor clouds.  Extract more from your flowers in less time, improving on efficiency by more evenly and thoroughly vaporizing your flowers.

Best Seller Worldwide 


PVHES - Straight or Bent

  • standard bowl size
  • micro channel technology
  • multiple air entry points


PVHES Shorty - Straight or Bent

  • 30% smaller bowl size
  • micro channel technology
  • multiple air entry points
  • deeper heat penetration for more thoroughly extracted botanicals
  • overall stem length remains unchanged from non shorty

Turbo Option

  • Large Single Bore with a glass rim to hold the required screen
  • micro channel technology
  • multiple air entry points


Travel Tube

  • Air and water tight travel / storage / cleaning tube for straight stem PVHES models only

Travel Tube




  • (1) x PVHES of your choice
  • (1) x Custom Stainless Steel stem screen



  • Grind your flowers to a medium - fine consistency, recommended to use our Volcano Grinder
  • Fill the bowl on your PVHES all the way and very very lightly pack a bit
  • Holding your Air or Solo upside down, insert the PVHES Stem all the way in and then turn the Air or Solo the right way up
  • Turn your Air or Solo on and heat to your desired temperature (minimum 5 for Solo and 3 for Air recommended to start) with PVHES inserted during warm up
  • Once Air or Solo reaches your selected temperature wait an extra 45 seconds to heat soak your biomass and PVHES
  • Take a nice long slow inhalation
  • Wait 30 seconds between hits to allow your Air or Solo to stabilize
  • Due to much less air flow resistance of the PVHES, resist the urge to inhale too fast, overwhelming the Air or Solo's heater
  • Always keep the PVHES stem in the Air or Solo to retain heat
  • You can raise the temperature to Maximum to get the full spectrum from your flowers
  • Bowl is spent when there is no more vapor production
  • Always empty spent bowl while it is still at its hottest, a cool bowl is much harder to empty cleanly



Look For The Authorized Logo!
Always look for the Authorized Logo to ensure you are buying Genuine PlanetVape accessories and water tools.

Disclaimer:  PlanetVape is not responsible for any damage or personal injury caused by or from using our products.  Glass is breakable and sharp, please use accordingly.

Ordered it on Friday, it showed up on Sunday!?!?! I didn't even know Canada Post delivered on Sundays. I love it. don't want to use any of the stock stems now. I will be ordering a second one soon. The only rub is the glass is thinner so it heats up a bit more, but the increased draw more then makes up for that

Multiple times better than than the standard stem that came with system.

Investment will pay for itself because you end up losing less herb.

pvhes bent....much improved over stock stem

I'm usually too lazy to review so please be assured this product is worth every pound/dollar/rupee/dong.
I ordered the bent shorty turbo on the 18th, dispatched 19th and arrived in the UK 24th, wow that's fast for international delivery o_O
I loved my solo before but this thing makes judging your pulls so much easier. If you want a quick cheeky toke you can do that fine, but it will also allow for a long, slow pull which produces a much heavier cloud (when compared to the arizer stems). I'll also add that the flavor seems much fresher and flavorsome 6 tokes in, whereas my arizer stems seem to get a bit funky after 3-4 hits.
Recommended to all solo owners and those considering buying a solo, it really does help in my opinion.

At first glance I could not realize how a "so similar to standard" tube would make a big difference. It does! The increase in airflow and ease to draw is impessive. Definately a must have!

I bough the PVHES Straight Turbo and it does wonders. The improvements in quality of vaporizing increased so much. If you have a Solo, buy it now!

Planet Vape is awesome, they even sent me a bag of chips with the order! Will definitely recommend to friends of this place!

Couldn't be more happy with my PVHES High Efficiency Stems (Bent Shorty) Was excited when I read the reviews online (here and other sites as well) was THRILLED when I opened up the package. and I was FLOORED when I tried the Stem for the first time with my Arizer Solo Vaporizer. I can't believe that Arizer doesn't ship their product with a stem as effective and efficient as the PVHE stem.

This makes my Vaporizer piece a whole new ballgame! it's 100x more efficient and 1,000 more effective. Thank :)

Very nice, will treat myself to another. Any video on the F-Bomb anyone??

LMAO if you have an arizer solo and dont have some form of pvhes stem something is wrong with you this product is AWESOME....I MEAN AWESOME oh and i have pvhes shorty turbo

Just received from PV the PVHEGonG Female 18MM w/o-ring attached, and also the PVHES Bent Turbo. Instructions were included for o-ring installation (which I do not agree with on method), it states: "Just remove the top screw on cap from the Solo, center the O-ring over the heater port and screw the Solo top cap back on while keeping the O-ring centered. Do not over tighten." The fact is, if you attempt this method, you will likely not be able (as I was not) to center the O-ring because as you turn/tighten the cap, the O-ring will shift around. BUT...if you 1) put the stem through the removed cap, and 2) install the O-ring onto to the stem bowl end, then 3) install the stem bowl all the way into the heater bowl, then 4) screw on the cap...the O-ring will be in place AND stay in place when the stem is removed for refill or replacement. The O-ring holds the stems/adapters VERY firmly in place and eliminates any air intrusion (which IMO defeats the extra air features of the PVHES & Turbo design).
My impression of the draw for the PVHES Bent Turbo w/out O-ring is good: The draw is much smoother and more comfortable than the OEM stem (but NOT w/the O-ring in place). The PVHEGonG allows for smooth albeit slow draw with bubbler (but NOT as good w/O-ring in place). I would liken the draw of the bent turbo w/out O-ring with my Ed's wood stem (my fav), and that's good enough for me.

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