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f-Bomb and PVHEGonG Combo for Air and Solo

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f-Bomb and PVHEGonG Combo for Solo


f-Bomb and PVHEGonG Combo for Air and Solo The f-Bomb Jet Diffused Micro Bubbler Tube is the perfect combination of moisture conditioning and a micro form factor. When combined with our custom PVHEGonG adapter for the Air and Solo Vaporizer (PVHEGonG 14mm adapter is included in...

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f-Bomb and PVHEGonG Combo for Air and Solof-Bomb Authorized Distributor

The f-Bomb Jet Diffused Micro Bubbler Tube is the perfect combination of moisture conditioning and a micro form factor.

When combined with our custom PVHEGonG adapter for the Air and Solo Vaporizer (PVHEGonG 14mm adapter is included in this combo), the f-Bomb Jet Diffused Micro Bubbler Tube will transform your Air and Solo vapor experience.



See Air and Solo Adapter PVHEGonG in 14mm for more information about the included PVHEGonG 14mm adapter.


Air and / or Solo Vaporizer is NOT Included, they are available here:
Air Vaporizer
Solo Vaporizer


NOT made in China, the f-Bomb is the highest quality micro bubbler available and one of the only products of its kind produced entirely in North America using a high quality dewaar joint and borosilicate glass.

Using Jet Diffusion to force the vapor against gravity in a confined space creates better diffusion and less drag. Splash guard keeps water where it belongs in the tube, not in your mouth. Lightweight, yet strong, borosilicate glass allows the f-Bomb to be slender and strong, not heavy and bulky.



  • (1) x 14mm f-Bomb Jet Diffused Micro Bubbler Tube (14mm is the joint size)
  • (1) x 14mm PVHEGonG Air and Solo Adapter (standard or turbo, your choice)


Look For The Authorized Logo!
Always look for the Authorized Logo to ensure you are buying Genuine PlanetVape accessories and water tools.

Disclaimer: PlanetVape is not responsible for any damage or personal injury caused by or from using our products. Glass is breakable and sharp, please use accordingly.

I got this Oct 20th and used it multiple times. It was very smooth. Didn't need much water. The f bomb today fell off my makeshift table and broke. It was a low point in my life. I will try to order one again in future because its a good product.

Great product and workmanship, well worth the price tag.

Unbeatable add-ons for the Arizer Solo. I've had this combo for almost a year and it has changed the game. It came with an O-ring (thanks guys) and fits snug-as-a-bug. The F-bomb is sleek and cool looking, from it's glass-on-glass connection, to the splash guard, to the lip roll. No more F-bomb logo on it, just the small PV logo. Unfortunately, my adapter broke, so I've just ordered the new Vortex adapter! The adapter alone is an awesome accessory (vape through the water pipe is phenomenal), but the combination makes the smoothest, coolest, cloudiest hits. I store mine in a nice, padded Dime Bag with some pre-packed stems with travel caps!

It's awesome! Has good draw, the glass is nice and feels well put together. When it goes on the solo it stays in nice and tight and I'm not worried about it being wobbly. The water is easy to put in and very hard to spill and it's easy to clear and re-pack. I love it! It came with a screen pre-applied to and the f-bomb text is no longer written on it, just a small logo so it looks awesome! It feels very futuristic compared to bowls now.

Smooth and effective! I have an high flow adapter for my solo vape and my volcano as well. I thought that I might feel stupid buying this piece while already owning a awesome a.d.s tube, but after trying them both side by side I favor the fbomb. It doesn't matter whether it's on 7 (solo) or 446 (volcano) this delivers perfect draws every time.

Typically I will go with 5-6 (temp) for the solo. A regular sesh on the volcano is at 365 moving up after each bag to complete around 398.

Great products!!

A great little glass piece to bring along on vacations!

The verdict is in: after buying and trying the FBomb and the pinnacle water tool I can say without hesitation that the FBomb rules! A must have for all Solo owners...

After hearing they removed the "f-bomb" logo, I knew I whole have to try it. The combination of the Solo, f-bomb, and high efficiency GonG is unbeatable. You retain the flavor with super clouds of vapor. I can't imagine what would come along to get me to use something else.

I recently picked up the f-Bomb after using my Arizer solo and the stems they provided for many weeks. I must say that going from the stock stems to this was nothing short of a tremendous upgrade. When you pair the f-Bomb with the high quality GonG(Glass on Glass) adapter, you get a match made in heaven.. The vapor quality and output is absolutely astonishing and I would recommend this to anyone who is still using the packaged stems Arizer provides. Planetvape, as always, do a wonderful job processing, packing and shipping your order and I would not recommend or go anywhere else for my vapor needs.

I've tried many different vapes over the past 5 years but my 2 favorites are the Herbalaire and the Solo. I got the f-Bomb for my Herbalaire and could not be happier. It's a bit pricey but it's worth it. Perfect construction and it works exactly as you'd expect. No water in your mouth on inhale. Nice cool vapor. Got the Herbalaire 14mm GonG adapter too. It's like a small bong attachment for the top of your Herbalaire. So amazing!!! Thank you PV!!

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