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PVHEGonG High Efficiency GonG

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PVHEGonG   P lanet V ape H igh E fficiency GonG   Take your vapor water conditioning with your Arizer Air or Solo to New Heights with these custom Glass on Glass adapters utilizing our exclusive Micro Channel Technology to improve airflow by 30 % while still...

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PVHEGonG   PlanetVape High Efficiency GonGPVHES Authorized Distributor Warranty Approved


Take your vapor water conditioning with your Arizer Air or Solo to New Heights with these custom Glass on Glass adapters utilizing our exclusive Micro Channel Technology to improve airflow by 30% while still maintaining thick, dense vapor clouds.  Extract more from your flowers in less time, improving on efficiency by more evenly and thoroughly vaporizing your flowers.

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PVHEGonG Features:

  • same bowl size as a standard stem
  • micro channel technology
  • multiple air entry points


PVHEGonG Shorty

  • 30% smaller bowl size
  • micro channel technology
  • multiple air entry points
  • deeper heat penetration for more thoroughly extracted botanicals
  • overall adapter length remains unchanged from non shorty


Turbo Option

  • Large Single Bore with a glass rim to hold the required screen
  • micro channel technology
  • multiple air entry points



  • (1) x PVHEGonG of your choice
  • (1) x Custom Stainless Steel screen



  • Grind your flowers to a medium - fine consistency, recommended to use our Volcano Grinder
  • Fill the bowl on your PVHEGonG all the way and very very lightly pack a bit
  • Holding your Air or Solo upside down, insert the PVHEGonG Stem all the way in and then insert the GonG into your water tool
  • Turn your Air or Solo on and heat to your desired temperature (minimum 5 for Solo and 3 for Air recommended to start) with PVHEGonG inserted during warm up
  • Once the Air or Solo reaches your selected temperature wait an extra 60 seconds to heat soak your biomass and PVHEGonG
  • Take a nice long slow inhalation
  • Wait 30 seconds between hits to allow your Air or Solo to stabilize
  • Due to much less air flow resistance of the PVHEGonG, resist the urge to inhale too fast, overwhelming the Air or Solo's heater
  • When lifting the PVHEGonG to clear your water tool, always keep the PVHEGonG in the Air or Solo to retain heat
  • You can raise the temperature for the last few hits to get the full spectrum from your flowers
  • Bowl is spent when there is no more vapor production
  • Always empty spent bowl while it is still at its hottest, a cool bowl is much harder to empty cleanly



Look For The Authorized Logo!
Always look for the Authorized Logo to ensure you are buying Genuine PlanetVape accessories and water tools.

Disclaimer:  PlanetVape is not responsible for any damage or personal injury caused by or from using our products.  Glass is breakable and sharp, please use accordingly.

I agree that the turbo is amazing. After breaking my non-turbo, I only had the turbo in stock to choose from and it is appreciably better airflow and extraction. I haven't run into any breakage issues but I don't store the stem in the unit and was prepared to only insert or remove it when heated for a while (the fit is close). Now I just have to wait for it to come back into stock for a backup.

Awesome adapters for connecting a Solo to a 14mm downstem icebong. Unfortunately, my Turbo just cracked in half and the sandblasted part was stuck in the downstem. Delicate removal surgery followed. However, $25 more... =/

I bought a turbo because it was the only one in stock after two weeks of checking on the site every day. I would recommend trying to get one of the other ones instead. The turbo one seems to have a week point where the screen is held in place. My solo fell a foot with it inside onto wood and it had broke at the before mentioned point even though the glass itself hadn't hit anything. Keep in mind solos are pretty heavy and it made thud when it hit the ground. It worked well though and for under 30 bucks you can't go wrong with these adapters. I ordered a new one already, This time a non turbo and non PVHE. I have to add though if you prefer to have almost zero resistance to your pulls the turbo is the one for you and PVHE does what they its suppose to with less resistance

Great way to add versatility to my solo. Thanks for the snack!

Just received my 18mm turbo. The bowl completely shattered trying to pull the adapter out of the solo. It fit way too tight and trying to twist it out resulted in a broken piece. They will not refund broken glass under any circumstance. I feel pretty cheated.
-PlanetVape response: Customer sent photo, bowl was not shattered as described above, customer fractured end of adapter from forcing glass incorrectly.

I purchased the 18MM PVHEGonG Shorty Turbo a few months ago. The item was flawed in that it had about a 15 degree bend in the middle which caused the Solo to sit crooked in my water tool. Howeer, the adapter was still functional up until I dropped on some bathroom tile while cleaning it. I would have preferred the non-shorty non-turbo option but PV isn't able to maintain a steady stock and they always sell out before I can place my order. They really ought to allow orders to be placed on items that are out of stock and simply ship the item when it is back in stock. PV is currently out of stock on all versions of their GonGs. Drats!!

Was worth the wait for these to be back in stock. Nothing like a beautiful all glass connection to have your Solos vapor through water hydration. Got this to connect with an f bomb, excellent combination and very high quality glass.

Got the 14mm "regular" (non-shorty, non-turbo) version for my Arizer Solo. Works great with my Pinnacle bubbler as well as a plain j-hook, and probably anything else with a 14mm connection. Solid piece, and so far all GonG connections on these pieces are a good fit and seal well with other 14mm GonG.

This is my first experience with the high efficiency glass stems for the Solo from PV after about a year using the stock stems, and I only wish I had discovered these pieces sooner. I'm putting aside my one remaining stock stem in case of breakage and will use the PVHE pieces for regular vaping. I only wish PV had more varieties in stock, but I found a couple different stems and this adapter to use with other pieces, and so far it's enough variety for my needs. Slow shipping to NM, USA, from Canada, which is not the fault of PV, but fast service from them and good communication.

Cant believe i was using the non-turbo version prior to this.
The one problem people seem to have using vapebong is the difficulty of pulling resulting from a smaller airway. The turbo version completely eliminates this, and let me tell you is it worth it.

I loved vapebonging before, but this is a whole 'nother level. I never realised until now but i was wasting a lot of my material because at the end of the bowl when it stopped giving off such concentrated hits i would cash the bowl and think it was done. With he turbo adapter, i can efficiently extract all the goodness i was missing before, and its a lot! I get about 2-4 extra hits from the same sized bowls!

Sweet vapor goodness, milks my micro circ like crazy with way less restriction, great customer service, highly recommend

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