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Sublimators are innovative devices for the members of the health conscious community to go ‘Beyond Vaporisation’. Patented as bimolecular gasification consisting of a three-part system utilizing Thermal Injection, Radiation and Induction; differing from your standard vaporizer which is only a one-part process. The inhalation process produces a vacuum pressure within the device, which then is combined with the thermal energy and atomization to produce a dense gas from your organic compound. The resulting finer gas particles are more easily absorbed by your body as the particles have a perfect atomic size. Delivering the strongest full spectrum, full flavor hit possible is a Sublimator hallmark. Once thermal equilibrium is reached between the heating device and atomizer, your Sublimator is ready for perfect gasification of your organic compound each time the atomizer is re- loaded. This is also made possible by the pre-programmed Monkey Controller that has been designed to maximize the entourage effect. Sublimators are also the only device on the market that can be used with an organic compound and concentrate simultaneously and even collect the purest solventless extracts possible as a by-product of their use. These pure extracts can then be sublimated or vaped again or used to make other therapeutic derivatives.

*Sublimator Devices, Parts and Accessories are subject to change and might not be exactly as illustrated

When only the best will do, the Sublimator line of biogassification devices truly go

Beyond Vaporization

Most International Trophy Wins for "Best Vaporization Product"

High Times Winner