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Santa Cruz Shredder Jumbo 4 Piece Grinder

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Santa Cruz Shredder Jumbo 4 Piece Grinder Gun Metal


  Santa Cruz Shredder Jumbo 4 Piece Grinder This Mammoth sized Jumbo 4-Piece Shredder by Santa Cruz is the ultimate dry herb grinder, and is guaranteed to satisfy. Monster sized capacity, towers over every other grinder. Impress your friends with the sheer mass of this bad...

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Santa Cruz Shredder Grinders JumboSanta Cruz Shredder Authorized Distributor


Santa Cruz Shredder Jumbo 4 Piece Grinder

This Mammoth sized Jumbo 4-Piece Shredder by Santa Cruz is the ultimate dry herb grinder, and is guaranteed to satisfy. Monster sized capacity, towers over every other grinder. Impress your friends with the sheer mass of this bad boy. Its superior Micronic Precision Woven Non-Fraying Stainless Steel Screen takes sifting your dry herb to the next level. It filters out any unwanted dust or impurities and is built to withstand extended use without warping or coming loose.


Santa Cruz Shredder - The best grinder in the world. - See the Difference. Feel the Difference.


Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder Size Comparison


  • Jumbo 4pc. - 4.00 inches (10.6cm) wide, 3.5 inches (9cm) high
  • Large 4pc. - 2.75 inches (7cm) wide, 2 inches (5cm) high
  • Medium 4pc. - 2.2 inches (5.5cm) wide, 2.2 inches (5.5cm) high
  • Small 4pc. - 1.6 inches (4cm) wide, 1.6 inches (4cm) high


Revolutionary New Tooth Design

FLUFFS TO PERFECTION. NO BB-SIZED CHUNKS. SANTA CRUZ SHREDDER is engineered to perfection. After carefully analyzing the inner working of how a proper tooth design should work, they used a special computer program called Siemens CAD Software to invent the most ”perfect” shredding tooth design ever conceived my man!

Sharp-edged teeth are not the best approach… Sharp edge teeth will dull and are full of burrs & tiny flakes of aluminum – constantly falling into your herbal blend. This is not only unhealthy, but toxic to the consumer. First, sharp edged teeth take a lot of initial torque to start turning. This initial pressure will force it to bend at the base, causing “metal fatigue” resulting in the eventual breakage of the tooth and releasing even more flakes of aluminum into your blend.

Santa Cruz Shredder teeth are radius at the base for strength and are able to take extreme use. They’re twice as strong, will never dull and never release burrs or flakes of aluminum. Comparable grinders cut once – letting bb-sized chunks pass thru the holes without further grinding. Santa Cruz Shredder teeth are designed to cut both ways, which include clearances on both sides of the teeth (not to slice or smash flowers), but to cause them to consistently “FLUFF TO PERFECTION”


Superior Grip

EASIER GRIP MEANS EASIER USE. (PREFERRED BY MEDICAL PATIENTS) SANTA CRUZ SHREDDER prides itself as the best grinder available for our Medical customers. The “knurled” grip is much more pronounced than other grinders, improving hand and finger grip. You can see the superior grip pattern as well as feel how much easier it is to turn. This extremely gripable lid makes it that much easier to rotate the grinder, lowering the torque necessary to use our product and providing a “butter” smooth herbal fluffing tool.


Superior Magnets

NOT ALL MAGNETS ARE CREATED EQUAL. SANTA CRUZ SHREDDERS use the highest quality magnets in the world. They don’t use “toy” magnets. Cheap magnets are weak, tend to fall out, and their protective coating flakes off into your herbal blend. They use Neodymium Diametrically Magnetized Cylindrical Rare Earth Magnets. Nickel-Copper-Nickel triple layer coated for maximum durability and protection against abuse & corrosion. Their superior magnets provide a reliable lid closure system that prevent your flowers from drying out, accidental spillage, and escaping odors. They are ISO Certified, top notch quality, provide superior performance, and are guaranteed for life!


Anodized Finish

TIRED OF UNSANITARY FINISHES & CROSS-THREADING PROBLEMS? SANTA CRUZ SHREDDER solved this problem. Anodizing is the only way to go! Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process use to create a strong protective coating for aluminum that prevents corrosion, wear resistance, and “galling” (failing) of threaded parts. After an acid bath, they are suspended in special tanks that pass an electrical current through the item creating a strong protective surface. Anodizing changes the microscopic texture of the surface and changes the crystal structure of the aluminum near the surface. It not only bonds to the surface, but actually molecularly becomes the new surface. Raw aluminum is a soft material prone to even the tiniest scratches.

Santa Cruz Shredder ultra-high quality grinders use aerospace anodizing techniques for protection. Comparable grinders are raw aluminum (unsanitary) which are highly susceptible to scratches, cross-threading, and are only polished to provide a temporary illusion of quality (also unsanitary). Santa Cruz Shredders offer a variety of anodized finishes.


Ultrasonically Cleansed

THE ONLY “TRULY” MEDICAL-GRADE GRINDER AVAILABLE IN THE WORLD! SANTA CRUZ SHREDDER is the only grinder with strict Medical-Grade Ultrasonic Cleansing procedures. Their procedure uses high frequency sound waves and a medical-grade solution to remove ALL contaminates. Cavitation bubbles induced by this agitation act upon ALL contaminants embedded during the machining process. This action penetrates blind holes, cracks & even the tiniest recesses; thoroughly removing all traces of contamination tightly adhering to any surface (including dust, dirt, toxic machining lubricants, grease, fingerprints, and toxic polishing compounds). This is exactly the same process used in the medical industry to disinfect medical instruments before surgical procedures.

**Comparable manufacturers typically just “dunk their product into a day-old bucket of soap & blow it off with a tire hose”… Raw aluminum is in fact a porous material & required Ultrasonic Cleaning to truly claim Medical-Grade quality. Machined raw aluminum is loaded with toxic agents and is considered unsafe to the end user. You can often see the dirt & grim in other grinders, smell the machining oils & shop odors, and you can wipe other grinders with a cloth to reveal polishes & other toxins. There are no other grinder manufacturers, especially the Chinese (and all other cheap foreign knock-offs) that take the pride & sanitary steps Santa Cruz Shredder does.

** SANTA CRUZ SHREDDER guarantees your product is genuinely the ONLY Medical-Grade grinder in the world!


Look For The Authorized Logo!
Always look for the Authorized Logo to ensure you are buying a Genuine Santa Cruz Shredder Jumbo 4 Piece Grinder. Don't take chances with your health, only buy from an Authorized Distributor to ensure you are getting Genuine Authentic Santa Cruz Shredder products. The advantage of buying from an authorized distributor is you will always get a Genuine Santa Cruz Shredder Jumbo 4 Piece Grinder. You will also be fully covered by any manufactures warranty and you will receive the best service possible.

Santa Cruz Shredder Jumbo 4 Piece Grinder USA Canada

Disclaimer: PlanetVape is not responsible for any damage or personal injury caused by or from using our products. Glass is breakable and sharp, please use accordingly.

Ordered one of these from Planet Vape on 420 this year. I got it mainly as a display piece because they're nice. The quality of these grinders are really nice. all the compartments are flush, no imperfections. Grinder is HUGE, it'd be funny to take this to a party just to see the reactions. I'll probably grab another next year if they're still available just to collect, these are pretty hard to find. I was obsessing about getting one for a while, Planet Vape has the best price in Canada! I'm serious I've gone into the dark web and went passed the first page of google searches for the best deal. Also, GTA company so gotta show Mississauga some love. Got a free bag of lays which was nice. Thanks Planet Vape!!

Excellent product, great service , arrived quickly.

incredibly happy with this item. Good quality build, works very well and easy to clean. i would definitely suggest it

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