US Customers Save Here

How To Save Up To 30% As A US Shopper at PlanetVape

US Customers Save at PlanetVape

With the current Canadian Dollar to US Dollar exchange rate, US customers can save Up To 30% just by shopping at PlanetVape. Here is how it works:

All items on our site are in Canadian dollars, you know the funny colorful bills and loonies / twoonies with polar bears on our coins. When you checkout it is in Canadian dollars so for example 100.00 Canadian at the time of this article = approx 73.70 US Dollars as currency values are in constant flux. Your financial institution be it your credit card company or PayPal will then convert the Canadian dollars to your local currency. Your local currency could be British Pounds (GBP), US Dollars (USD), Australian Dollars (AUD) etc. it doesn't matter as it will automatically be converted at the current exchange rate. Some credit cards and PayPal charge a conversion premium of 1 to 3% on average. Discover Cards are one of the credit cards that have no conversion premium. To check current conversion rates, is a popular exchange conversion tool to see what current rates are.

As a bonus, Free Trade between Canada and USA means No Taxes, No Duties and No Other charges to receive your order. The Professionals at PlanetVape fill out shipping forms for you so that you receive your order without any hassles.

So go ahead and load up, the more you buy, the more you save!

Peace and Love,