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Inhalater 05

Inhalater 05


Inhalater 05 Vaporizer Kit The Inhalater 05 is the next evolution of the electronic phytotherapeutic vaporizer in which plant medicine can be extracted. The patent-pending dual conduction-convection vaporization chamber of the Inhalater 05, permits quicker and more uniform heating...

Inhalater 05 Vaporizer KitInhalater Authorized Distributor Warranty Approved

The Inhalater 05 is the next evolution of the electronic phytotherapeutic vaporizer in which plant medicine can be extracted.

The patent-pending dual conduction-convection vaporization chamber of the Inhalater 05, permits quicker and more uniform heating of the substrate placed into it. These vapors can then be inhaled for their medicinal properties.

Inhalater heating process

Featuring a USB charging port so that you can charge from any available USB outlet and be able to use the Inhalater 05 while it is charging. A wide range of temperatures are adjustable by turning the temperature dial at the bottom and heatup time is very fast. Product is loaded in to capsules and placed in the Inhalater 05's heating chamber allowing you to bring along pre filled capsules when on the go. Very low draw restriction is an Inhalater hallmark.

User replaceable rechargeable batteries are easily changed:

PlanetVape carries only the newest revision of the Inhalater 05

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FAST Free Expedited Shipping in Canada and USAThe Inhalater 05 Includes FAST Free Air Shipping in Canada and USA

Included in the Inhalater 05 Box Set:

  • (1) x Inhalater 05 Electronic Phytotherapeutic Vaporizer
  • (1) x AC/USB Power Adapter
  • (1) x USB Power Cable
  • (2) x Vaporization Capsules
  • (4) x Cleaning Towelletes
  • (4) x Hygienic Tips
  • (10) x Cleaning Tools
  • (1) x Storage Box
  • (1) x User Manual


  • Auto Heat selectable setting allows temperature to ramp up slowly over the course of your session
  • Increased Airflow from larger Air Intakes
  • Battery is user replaceable
  • New Heat Chamber technology vaporizes your substrate more thoroughly and effectively


  • Electronically Controlled
  • New Auto Heat selectable setting
  • Full Temperature Range Selectable
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Power Source
  • Mass = 125g
  • Length = 6.5 inches
  • Diameter = 0.875 inch
  • Heat Up Time = 60 seconds
  • Full Charge Time for a completely depleted battery = 6 hours
  • Autonomy = 12 X 10 min cycles
  • Charge Rate = 500 mA


Look For The Authorized Logo!
Always look for the Authorized Logo to ensure you are buying a Genuine Inhalater 05. The advantage of buying from an authorized distributor is you will always get a complete kit with the newest version of the Inhalater 05 Vaporizer.

Disclaimer: PlanetVape is not responsible for any damage or personal injury caused by or from using our products. Glass is breakable and sharp, please use accordingly.

you should know this vape is excellent in your pocket. No vaporizer on the market has the capability to store tiny capsules in your pocket and re-use as you re-load on the go.

Let's say you have a date for the opera or to go see a play at the theater. Inhalater 05 is the best way to have a good time and to KEEP doing so while being discreet, or even more importantly without having to ADVERTISE that you've got a pile of herbs in your pocket.

Let's be honest, we're at the point in history where a bit of green herb in someone's pocket is really no surprise, but did you really want to go thru a HUGE ordeal just to get the cooked stuff out of your vaporizer and re-load your chamber right there in front of everyone at the play during the intermission?

Probably not right? With the Inhalater 05 you won't have that problem though. It's so easy to re-load on the fly, nobody will have a clue what you're up to.

You simply take the old capsule out, then insert the new one and you're ready to vape.

I usually KEEP the vaped stuff for a second session as most but not of the plant material will be extracted. So keep a hollowed out lip balm container on hand which I have several of, and it's handy because the capsules Inhalater sells easily can be emptied into and actually fits right into most lip balm containers perfectly.

This allows me to use the rest of that plant material to it's fullest which I add to my larger container at home when I then dump out the lip balm container containing the vaped plant material.

You can re-vape that material several times, and you'll notice each time you do so, it gets so that there are fewer and fewer chunky pieces.

Once all the chunky pieces are gone, what you're left with is mostly completely used up and small tiny particles hardly worth vaping anymore after the 4th or 5th pass of re-vaping, but I still put that all in a tea ball and throw in bag of peppermint or spearmint tea and include the tea ball with the vaped remains.

At that point you'll recognize the familiar taste in your tea, but the taste is nothing compared to the smell of the vaped material from the Inhalater unit.

After vaping try holding the tip of the capsule up to your nose. If you're not a smoker you should smell a strong aromatic odor and it's positively the best smell I've ever encountered in my whole life, so your experience with the Inhalater is not limited by any means, there are a lot of things to learn and it's a whole new ball game all for $159.95 what a great deal.

Don't bother looking for another vape, the customer service is great at Inhalater. I admit they do not have an 800 number to call, but a phone card for one buck makes it easy to talk and they are a smaller company just getting going so if you decide to roll the dice,, you'll actually be playing with a DAVID versus a goliath and the only difference is that the GOLIATH's out there just buy a lot of customer service reps and pretend they care more.

In fact, that doesn't make up for how fantastic it is to have 6 or even 10 capsules in my pocket ready to load into the machine with ease versus having to roll stuff on the fly with the other vapes or in some cases bulky glass stems which take up more than twice as much space.

Great company overall to deal with, highly recommended. five stars all the way.

Must say, very surprised by the large clouds the 05 puts out. Great buy.

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