High Quality Torches that will reliably heat your Ti and Quartz quickly and accurately.  Invest in a quality torch to raise your vaporizing experience to new highs.  Remember to always use high quality butane such as Colibri.

Newport Cigar Torch

CODE: NewportTorch

In stock
Newport Cigar Torch   The NEWPORT Cigar Torch is the torch to have for heating up nails, swings, Sublimator UFOs and any other dab... More

Blazer GB 2001 Micro Torch

CODE: blazergb2001

In stock
Blazer GB 2001 Micro Torch   The GB 2001 , Blazer’s original butane refillable micro torch and market leading high quality torch... More

Colibri Butane

CODE: Colibri1

In stock
Colibri Premium Butane ** Best Pricing on Master Cases ** Get a Master Case of 72 King Cans for only 4.65 per can Colibri Premium Butane is... More
  • Single 
  • 3 Pack (+$11.00)
  • 6 Pack (+$27.00)
  • 12 Pack (+$56.00)
  • Master Case (+$328.81)

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