Solo High Temp Silicone O-Rings (5 pack) Regular Thickness

Solo High Temp Silicone O-Rings (5 pack)

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Solo High Temp Silicone O-Rings (5 pack)Solo Vaporizer Travel Caps Authorized Distributor Warranty Approved

A 5 pack of High Temp Silicone O-rings for your Solo Vaporizer.  Now you can have a tight fitting stem everytime that won't fall out.  Just remove the top screw on cap from the Solo, center the O-ring over the heater port, put a straight stem in the Solo to hold the O-ring centered and screw the Solo top cap back on while allowing the stem to  keep the O-ring centered.  Do not overtighten.

*** WARNING Do not install the O-ring on a hot Solo, let it cool completely to avoid burning yourself ***  Some Solo models with a thicker cap will not be able to thread the cap on properly, they require the thinner O-rings.

2 versions available:

  • Regular thickness
  • Thin

Solo High Temp O-ring Instructions


  • 5 Pack of Solo High Temp Silicone O-Rings


  • Temperature Range:  -75`F (-59`C)  to  450`F (232`C)
  • Material Type: Silicone
  • Durometer (ShoreA):  70
  • Primary Uses:
    • static seals for extreme temperature applications
    • food applications
    • medical devices
    • FDA applications

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