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Omicron Vaporizer Double Kit

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Omicron Stainless Steel Kit


Omicron Vaporizer in Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber or Matte Black finishes This version of the Omicron vaporizer (version1 or v1) has been replaced by the Omicron v4: Better performance, reliability and larger vapor clouds than the original v1 Omicron Available in Black,...

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Omicron Stainless Steel Double Omicron Carbon Fiber Double Omicron Matte Black Double Omicron SS and Carbon Fiber Omicron SS and Matte Black Omicron Carbon Fiber and Matte Black

Omicron Vaporizer in Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber or Matte Black finishes

This version of the Omicron vaporizer (version1 or v1) has been replaced by the Omicron v4:

  • Better performance, reliability and larger vapor clouds than the original v1 Omicron
  • Available in Black, Matte Silver, Purple, Red and Teal finishes
  • Uses the same cartridges as the Omicron v1
  • New charging system
  • Additional new features
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

For more details and to order the Omicron v4 click here...


Vaporizing essential oils just got a lot easier, faster and convenient. The Omicron essential oil vaporizer is the world's first that uses no other ingredients mixed with the oil, just pure essential oils. The fill it yourself cartridges the Omicron uses contain no cotton, just stainless steel, silica wick and ceramics. The cartridge design is patent pending and has been tested to over 400+ 6 second hits. The future of vaporization has arrived!

Finishes are available in Stainless Steel, or the new 3M Carbon Fiber and 3M Matte Black wraps. We use the highest quality 3M wraps. Our Carbon Fiber wrap is not just a printed carbon fiber pattern, but in fact has a three-dimensional texture to it that you can see and feel. This allows it to reflect light the same way that real carbon fiber would. The Matte Black is also textured, giving it a nicer feel and making it easier to hold on to, as well as a stealth look. There is a $10.00 premium price for each of the Matte Black and Carbon Fiber finishes. Each Premium Finish Omicron Kit has both the battery and heat sheild cone wrapped.

When Ordering, add one Extra Cartridge to your order to get FREE Expedited Shipping

Included in the Double Kit:

  • 2 x Lithium Ion 3.7v 900mAh Batteries, all stainless steel construction
  • 2 x Stainless Steel heat sheild/sleeves
  • 1 x AC/USB Charger
  • 1 x Empty Extract Cartridge
  • 1 x Cartridge Fill Tool
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Rugged Carry Case
  • 1 Year Manufactures Warranty on the Omicrons and 30 days on the charger if purchased from an Authorized Dealer - PlanetVape is authorized

 Omicron Finishes

Omicron Cartridge Filling Guide (omicron_fill_instructions.pdf, 562 Kb) [Download]

Omicron Vaporizer User Guide (omicron_user_guide_v1.7.pdf, 400 Kb) [Download]

Hate to say this, because the vaporizer itself works really well, But the charger is a HUGE POS...broke on me after 5 days and pretty big hassle to replace. I'm sure the V2 and Persei are much better, but make sure you don't buy the V1 omicron.

Planet Vape fulfilled my order on a weekend and I had my kit right away! One small item was not included in the order, so I contacted them by email.

I received an immediate response indicating they would not only replace the missing item, but were sending along another very useful accessory as their way of saying they were sorry for the oversight. Next, I received immediate confirmation that the items were shipped!

WOW!!! This kind of incredibly responsive customer service, combined with a truly well-made product, need to be applauded. You make a lifelong customer with that kind of responsiveness.

I am really happy with the immediate health benefits of my Omicron and very grateful to Planet Vape for providing a great product at a reasonable price, and backing it up with STELLAR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

Ordening with these guys is a pleasure!

These people are awesome to deal charger stopped working so they sent me a new one no questions asked

The omicron itself is the future of medicinal marijuana usage....i have been very impressed with the potent hits you get

Thank you planetvape.....couldnt be happier!

Planet vapes had my Omicron filled in less then 12 minutes with their loading technique. They upgraded my shipping to 2 day express (free to me) just so I could have this for Christmas. They searched for stock available and then had me wait a day to order so I (could take advantage of a Christmas sale), then unknowing to me, upgraded my shipping! AWESOME!!! I mean seriously,,, Who has customer service like this anymore?? Who?? Where?? Much love from Norcal,

This is the best vape on the planet...... Plus ordering from Planet Vape is super easy. 400, 6 second hits is being very conservative. I'd say double that. The only thing is the air tube gets clogged. No big deal just run a small wire down the hole to clear it, I do it as weekly maintenance. Make your own product if you can. "BHO" You Tube it. Vape Vape Pass

I purchased this vape a little bit skeptical of how it would work and about purchasing it from a vendor in Canada, let me put all worries to ease. Planet Vapes staff is kinda and friendly and answered all of my questions from shipping to filling the cartridges, they gave me accurate and detailed info and i couldn't be happier. It took only 4 days from Ontario Canada to get to southern California. Trust me when i say that these guys are the best in the biz.. and the Omicron is a MUST HAVE!!! When you do get one the key to it is SLOW SMOKING, once you have mastered this your life will be changed, Thanks Randy Wang from the Pretty Good Podcast for sparking my interest in the Omicron , and a HUGE thanks to Planet vape!!

Omicron vaporizer with Cartomizer's by THC Scientific

2 omicron battery units (the main half of the vape)
1 Cartomizer cartridge
a carrying case
1 usb charging cord, and a wall adapter to plug it in to as well
1 heat shield to cover the cartomizer base
1 white box with a cool logo on it for the THC Scientific company.

Initial thoughts:
When I heard that there was an e-cig that I can use to vape pure oil extracts and not have to add any "additives" (glycerine or alcohol etc...) I was pumped! Once I got it and fired it up for the first time, I was equally impressed with the performance compared to the hype. I also really liked that this looked like a fat pen. it doesn't look like some hardcore druggie device. it's elegant and doesn't look intimidating. Any concentrate that will melt down into a liquid form when heated will work, oil, wax, budder, taffy etc. Oils that are very runny or poorly purged perform less desirably

*Before filling a cartomizer I recommend you make sure it is not a dud. plug it in and fire it up and look into the airway. so you see a glowing light? if you do that's good, you know it works. Now you are ready to fill it! There are 3 methods that I like:

Funnel method:
1. Insert a toothpick into the central air tube to prevent any oil from going down in there.
2. Place the funnel(Wilton #10 cake frosting tip) down onto the cart with the toothpick running up through it.
3. Preheat the top 1/4 of the cartomizer and funnel gently.
4. Pour in your oil then heat the funnel and top 1/4 of the cartomizer to make the oil run down into it. Do this in small runs until you have loaded in your desired amount. Anywhere from 0.5-1.0 grams will work nicely.

Solid consistency concentrates:
when you can handle the concentrate you can just put pieces into the top of the cartomizer and work it down. Then just heat it directly.

Dropper method:
If you oil is already in a glass vial then another method that is very easy is:
1. Insert a toothpick into the central air tube to prevent any oil from going down in there.
2. heat up the vial with a lighter to make the oil more runny.
3. Heat up the cartomizer making sure only to heat the top 1/4 of the cartomizer.
4. using a glass eyedropper suck up a good quantity of oil and transfer to a preheated cartomizer.

i used a blow torch to heat the cart up the first time. This was a mistake, it had a funky taste after. You will burn the seals inside if you overheat the cartomizer.

First Use:
To get the oil flowing into the wick and vapoizing, I have found fluting the vape most effective. This is never heating the unit for more than 3 seconds to prevent from burning out the unlubricated element (this is until you have oil flowing though it, then you can do the full 6-7 seconds time) Gently hit the unit while doing 3 seconds on power, 3 off... keep going until it breathes sweet sweet vapor! Takes me between 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

When using the vape for the first time that day: Press and wait 3 seconds (This is called "priming" the unit), then release and wait for the light to go off. Re-press and hit it for up to 6 seconds. When you hit it, breathe very very softly. This vape uses tiny airways. When you see the light flashing at you you need to stop holding the battery button it has a 7 second max time limit. Basically when it's flashing that's the auto shutoff feature taking over and disconnecting power.

It tastes the same as how the oil tastes as if you did it off of a curve or a nail. I don't notice any other tastes coming though. (when you are priming and getting the cartomizer there is a noticeable taste then. but once the oil is flowing that disappears.

Battery Charging:
It takes between 3-3.5 hours to recharge the battery, and I get about 4 days of solid use out of it before I need to recharge. I really like having the 2nd battery for when the first one dies. how disappointing to have the battery go on you mid session! when you plug it in the light should go red and it will turn green when it is charged and ready!


This is one hell of an oil vape! It give you very tasty tiny hoots but they are potent! In the course of a minute i think you could probably get 5-6 hits off it! Going from 0 start time to one min i would be feeling good off 5 hits on this! You can expect 300-600 hits off of a gram of oil using this thing. then you have used up a cartomizer it may not be dead! I have been loading more oils into them after they are spent and they are still going! the flavours are mixed of course when you do this, but why not keep using it right?

This vape is totally filling a niche that i couldn't really do as easily before. It looks like an e cig so I can use it in public without looking like a drug user. It's portability is also very handy. Last night I was walking down main street hitting my Omicron. smile Now while I love my Ti swing there is but no way I would try to use it outdoors, in my car etc. Also you gotta be careful who you use it around it looks hardcore. Omicron doesn't look scary at all. With this i feel a lot more portable. Also this way I don't have to worry about looking like I'm smoking meth or something if i want to use this in public. (My eclipse pipe looks ghetto in use and I would get funny looks trying to use it if someone didn't know what was going on.) I feel the eclipse's days are numbered now that i have this thing!

Remember: primo oil in = primo taste coming out

Final Summary:
This is a fantastic product that I have been very happy with since i started using it nearly 2 months ago. It is portable, heavy hitting, approachable (as in not intimidating) and lasts a long time before you need to top up or replace the cartomizer. Every once I have showed it to has been impressed!

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