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Date added: 03/26/2014 PVHES Stems / GonGs Stock UPDATE


Thanks for your intrest in our PVHEGonG / PVHES Stems / Stealth Adapters and Standard Solo GonGs.  Many models are out of stock due to a glass supply shortage on the glass we need to manufacture them. Latest ETA on full stock availability is beginning of April.  Sorry for the current out of stock situation.


Date added: 03/25/2014 Herbalizer - Vape Like A Boss

The Herbalizer Now available at PlanetVape.

Date added: 03/12/2014 Inhalater 05 PRE-ORDERS starting soon

Inhalater 05 pre-orders starting soon

The Inhalater 05 is anticipated to start pre-orders soon. 

PlanetVape will be shipping only the newest revision!

All pre orders will ship in the order received

Date added: 03/11/2014 Pinnacle Pro DLX now In Stock

The newset vaporizer from VaporBlunt, the Pinnacle Pro DLX is now In Stock and ready to ship.  They are available in limited numbers, so get yours early.

Date added: 03/05/2014 Sublimator XLR 2.0

New Sublimator XLR 2.0 Now Available



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